We Manage Google Ads for Car Wreckers in ANZ

Speak to us about how your car wrecking business can benefit from our Google Ads Experts and their hands-on experience in managing and optimising hundreds of campaigns worth millions of dollars for tens of car wreckers in ANZ.

Lead and Cost Focused

We create and manage Google Ads campaigns for auto wreckers by implementing foolproof strategies to rank higher, pay less and get more leads. The relationship between Google Ads and wreckers has always been of love–hate. However, our tested and proven techniques make it more of a love–love relationship. Talk to us about how our curated action plan can improve your overall conversions and lower costs.



Google Ads for car wreckers

When you spend tens of thousands of dollars on Google Ads, you are right to expect more than enough return on your investment. As your Google Ads account manager, we will aim to increase the number of conversions to meet and possibly exceed your expectations.


Lower Cost

Google Ads work like a charm for wreckers however the cost gets out of hand when daily ad-spend is increased with the goal to get more leads, which is not a sustainable strategy. We aim to keep the cost to a minimum while keeping a consistent flow of leads.

SEO for car wreckers

Mega Wreckers

Mega Wreckers have yards in Hamilton and Auckland. They service they greater Auckland and Waikato regions.

Otago Car Removal

Otago Car Removal is a Dunedin-based car wrecker. They service the Otago, Southland and Southern Canterbury regions.



If your ads are not ranking on the top, during the peak hours, then basically you do not exist. If potential customers can’t find you then they will not convert into leads. Our goal will be to rank your ads at the top to benefit from the true potential of Google Ads.


Invalid clicks

One of the biggest challenges in the car wrecking industry is invalid clicks on your ads. We fight it in two ways, first deploy strategies to lower the cost per click and secondly integrate tools to identify invalid clickers and mitigate the impact on business.


If you are not satisfied with the number of conversions compared to the ad spend then yes your conversion can be improved. Speak to us to do an audit today.

You will be in direct contact with your account manager who will work with you and have regular strategy/update meetings.

We will have a minimum ad spend recommendation based on the competition in the service area. If you are already running Google Ads, the ad spend will not change much unless it has to meet the minimum ad spend recommendation. We will work on increasing the number of leads and lowering cost per lead while keeping the same ad budget.

Yes, we do perform a thorough audit and provide a report with suggestions to improve. An audit fee may apply.

Let's work together

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