SEO for Car Wreckers in Australia & New Zealand

We help auto wreckers in Australia and New Zealand rank higher on Google and other search engines to generate highly targeted consistent leads. Talk to us about how we can help you rank and crush your competitors.

Long Term Results

We provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services to rank wreckers’ websites higher on Google and other search engines and get consistent quality leads at no extra cost per lead. Our service focuses on keywords that matter to your business, technical aspects, website, your competition, authority and creating quality content for maximum visibility, traffic and conversions. Speak to us today about how our service is a fit for your business.



Google Ads for car wreckers

We optimise your website for targeted traffic through SEO techniques to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in selling their vehicles. Additionally, we analyze your competitors to gain insights into their strategies and stay ahead of them.



For maximum visibility, we research and work on every keyword that has the potential to get traffic and generate leads. There should be no limit on keywords to ensure maximum exposure to your services instead we continuously identify and expand as needed.

SEO for car wreckers

Mega Wreckers

Mega Wreckers have yards in Hamilton and Auckland. They service they greater Auckland and Waikato regions.

Otago Car Removal

Otago Car Removal is a Dunedin-based car wrecker. They service the Otago, Southland and Southern Canterbury regions.



SEO service is curated not only for maximum visibility but also to generate more leads for you. We use data-driven strategies to have the content, design, and user experience highly optimised to turn visitors into customers to grow your auto wrecking business.


Build a Brand

To establish a stronger brand presence in the wrecking industry we create valuable and engaging content that aligns with your brand values and messaging. This helps you with credibility in the industry, leading to greater brand recognition and customer loyalty.


SEO is where the slow and steady wins the race term fits best. On average our clients see noticeable changes in their rankings and conversion in under 12 months.

We have a can-do attitude and believe in the tested and proven processes we have established that have successfully ranked tens of wreckers higher than their competitors. Speak to us to audit your SEO compare to your competitors and we will be able to tell you if we can.

The SEO cost depends on your competition and the market you service. For instance, we will have to invest much more resources if you service Melbourne (where the competition is very hard) than a business that services only the Southland region of New Zealand, where the whole market is equal to a suburb in Melbourne.

The wreckers are busy and we understand it. Thus, our SEO package includes everything that is required to rank on search engines. There are a few minor and manageable, mostly one-off, tasks that only you can do as a business owner to contribute to the SEO.

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